Procedure For Admission

The Rutgers Food Innovation Center (FIC) is not for every food business. These following requirements must be met before admission is granted.

  • Client must possess the potential to benefit from a relationship with the Food Innovation Center.

  • Client must agree to business and technical mentoring (this includes an initial product / process review, bench scale testing, prototyping, and food safety assessment by Rutgers FIC staff).

  • Client must be willing and able to meet all applicable requirements of the FDA or USDA and Rutgers FIC policies and procedures regarding safe production of food while in our facility.

  • Client must complete all paperwork required for documenting traceability of all ingredients and packaging materials through finished product prior to leaving the facility on any production date or removing product from our premises.

  • Client must possess liability insurance prior to food or beverage production.

  • Client must complete our free Food Safety Training, pass a 20 question exam on Food Safety, and acknowledge receipt of GMP and Adverse Health policies prior to food or beverage production.

  • Though not required, strong preference is given to clients who have a business plan. If you need assistance writing or developing a business plan, please contact America's SBDCs (An association of Small Business Development Centers)

  • Please note that the Rutgers Food Innovation Center adheres to the standards and requirements set forth by local, state and federal agencies for food safety and quality. All products manufactured in the Center must meet these standards.

Procedure for Admission

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