Ideal Applicants

As we continue to support food businesses, both local and global, we work better with some food businesses than others. If you find that you fit in one or more of these, we encourage you to apply!

1. International and Domestic Food Companies seeking to understand food industry trends, enter the US marketplace, expand product portfolio or manufacturing operations, obtain technical or business training, upgrade quality assurance systems, or assess new technologies or business practices

2. Existing Food Companies desiring to innovate new products, and needing assistance with business planning, market research, product development, sales strategy, government regulations, and/or that lack a food processing facility and equipment that will enable production under sanitary conditions and under government inspection

3. Farmers, Cooperatives and Other Agribusinesses desiring to create new specialty food products that are distinctive, differentiated, and value-added

Procedure for Admission

General Policy

Ideal Applicants