Food Innovation Center Services

The Food Innovation Center offers comprehensive array of services to our admitted clients. For information on our admission process please click here. Once admitted, the following services are available to our clients:

Business and Technical Mentoring Services

The Rutgers Food Innovation Center provides customized services to our admitted clients under a Business and Technical Mentoring Agreement. The Food Innovation Center assesses a client’s needs and proposes a scope of work related to specific deliverables within a designated period of time. 

Business and Technical Mentoring Services include:
Management Strategy Marketing and Sales Strategy
Business Plan Development Strategic Analysis
Strategic Plan Development Market Assessment
Organizational Structure Marketing Analysis
Crisis Management Planning    Marketing Plan Development
 Finance and Accounting Strategy Distribution
Funding Resources Pricing strategy
Food Business Pitch and Ideation Session International Trade Strategy
Product Development Services
New Product Development Label Development
Product Preparation & Handling Instructions Sensory Evaluation
Package Development Analytical Testing
Product Optimization/Expansion Microbiological Testing
Production of Commercial Samples for Market Research and Test Market

Manufacturing and Operations

The Food Innovation Center’s processing facility meets all federal and state requirements for producing commercial food products under USDA and FDA regulations. Manufacturing services are offered under Facility Usage Agreement with production capabilities in:

Hot Processing: beverages, sauces, jamsjellies, soups/stews, hot fill entrees, condiments, etc.
Dry Processing: baked pies, breads, cookies, dehydrated products, like dried herbs, snack mixes, etc.
Cold Processing: fresh cut fruits and vegetables, salad mixes, etc.
Cold Assembly: products requiring a “clean room”

Manufacturing and Operations Services Include:
Production and Processing Regulatory Assistance
Sourcing Raw Materials Food Safety
Quality Assurance Mock Auditing