Food Innovation Center Global Services

The Rutgers Food Innovation Center services international food businesses, looking to establish a presence in the US marketplace. It has successfully mentored many global businesses, and has been designated by the International Business Innovation Association (InBIA) as a "Soft Landing” program, due to its robust program in international business attraction. The Rutgers FIC is actually the only food-based Soft Landings program that exists today …in the world!

Our Center provides a broad array of services to international companies and organizations. This includes training in market trends, technologies, and other aspects of the US Food industry, via our Food Business Basics Class that can be customized to foreign companies and be offered in either the US or abroad. We also provide specialized training about the new FDA Food Safety Modernization Act with our course in Preventive Controls for Human Foods. This course, as well as our courses in General HACCP and Seafood HACCP require 20-hours of intensive training, and can also be offered in either the US or abroad.

In addition, our Center provides customized and personalized business and technical mentoring to international companies looking to conduct business in the US, including business ideation; product development; sensory evaluation; quality assurance, food safety and regulatory; and international trade strategy. Our 23,000 s.f. USDA and FDA inspected facility can serve as a place in which your product can be commercialized and manufactured in test markets, allowing your company to assess the viability of your market entry to the US in a relatively quick, effective, and low-cost manner.

The Rutgers Food Innovation Center also partners with county and state agencies to support international food companies that are interested in establishing a US presence in New Jersey, including the Cumberland County Improvement Authority (CCIA), Choose NJ, the NJ Business Action Center, the NJ EDA, and the NJ Department of Agriculture and others, and can assist your company in site selection; organizational development and employee hiring; and design, engineering and construction of your processing facility. We are also partnering with the CCIA to create a new Food Commercialization Center, which will enable international and domestic food companies to independently produce their products, within a smaller size footprint (about 2,000 – 5,000 s.f.) that has been hygienically designed to enable rapid market entry, while also allowing ongoing support by the Rutgers Food Innovation Center team.

We also have a number of global partnerships in place, and have Memoranda of Understanding (MOU’s) in place with organizations in several countries, regarding collaborations in food industry training, business incubation, technology commercialization, faculty and scientific cooperation, etc.

In addition, the Rutgers Food Innovation Center is in the process of launching a global network of food incubators and innovation centers, called Global Food Business Innovation Network (Global FoodBIN), with the primary purpose of sharing information and best practices, so that similar programs can work collaboratively and facilitate the improvement of local economies worldwide.