International Trade Strategy & Soft Landings Program

Marketing and Trade specialists at the Food Innovation Center support clients who wish to respond to opportunities in today’s global markets.  Center staff is prepared to assist new entrepreneurs and existing business operators alike in the development of strategies to reach and satisfy demands for products by food retailers, processors and consumers overseas. FIC is also designated as a Soft Landings incubator, capable of assisting foreign companies with establishing their business and brand in the United States marketplace.   Staff members experienced in international food technology issues can help food producers:

  • Assess international opportunities
  • Learn about costs and protocols for international trade
  • Satisfy regulatory, packaging and consumer requirements set by other nations

The Food Innovation Center also provides links to a variety of programs that assist potential exporters.  Among these are federal export assistance initiatives such as the Market Access Program and purchaser line of credit guarantees.  Entrepreneurs, food producers, food processors and food distributors can find the following types of export assistance services at the Food Innovation Center:

  • International Trade Practices Workshops
  • Export market research and feasibility studies
  • Export buyer, wholesaler or distributor introductions
  • Links to outbound trade missions that can feature and represent foods in major markets such as the UK, EU, Japan, Russia, China, Pacific Rim and South American nations
  • Links to hosts of inbound trade missions for targeted buyers of New Jersey and Mid-Atlantic region products
  • Assistance in preparing materials appropriate for offshore tradeshows and product showcases
  • Technical seminars and Training about Cultural Issues that Affect Sales
  • Transportation and distribution consultations
  • Labeling advice and assistance