New Jersey – Israel Healthy, Functional and Medical Foods Alliance

(Left to right: Giora Salz, Lou Cooperhouse, Yossi Mekori, Mark Levenson, Chris Molloy, Michele Brown, Erel Margalit, Robert Goodman ...more event photos)


On September 18, 2015, a unique and innovative collaboration was announced between Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey; Tel-Hai College, a leading public college located in the Eastern Galilee region of Israel; and Israel’s Economic Development Taskforce, led by Member of Knesset Erel Margalit.  Significant news coverage in both the US and Israel resulted from this announcement, which can be found here, and more information about the partners and opportunities for others to participate in this Alliance can be found here

The primary objectives of this NJ-Israel Healthy, Functional and Medical Foods Alliance are to foster collaboration focused on scientific research, technology commercialization, and business incubation, and to develop a world-class business cluster for the development of the healthy, functional and medical foods industry in both Israel and New Jersey.

Business clustering is a globally recognized tool for regional economic development, as it results in a sustainable competitive advantagethat can result in national or global supremacy in a particular field.   This alliance, focused on healthy, functional and medical foods, is expected to greatly enhance scientific research, spur innovation, accelerate new business creation, attract academic and industry human capital, and also attract venture capital and public and private sector funding.  This Alliance will also serve as the platform for the establishment a new National Institute in the Galilee region of Israel, focused on basic and applied research, and business incubation and acceleration, in healthy, functional and medical foods.

Areas of focus for this Alliance include the following:

  • Scientific research and academic cooperation
  • Applied research and commercialization
  • Public policy
  • Entrepreneurship training and education
  • Business incubation and acceleration
  • Corporate R&D cooperation and joint venturing
  • Student cooperation, exchange, and experiential learning 
  • Community health and nutrition education

For further information about this Alliance, please contact Lou Cooperhouse, Director of the Rutgers Food Innovation Center, at