Global FoodBIN

Food Business Incubation Network (FoodBIN)

The Rutgers Food Innovation center, in partnership with the International Business Innovation Association (INBIA), have refocused FoodBIN to address the forever evolving food marketplace. It is becoming incredibly globalized and food entrepreneurs are answering the strong consumer demand for more local/specialty food choices.

FoodBIN 2017 Conference

In our inaugural year of the FoodBIN, we have developed a network of global food business incubators to foster the exchange of ideas and best practices. This unique event highlighted the tremendous diversity that exists within food business incubation programs around the world. More than twenty speakers presented their programs in “bite-sized” presentations, and leaders from the food industry also discussed industry trends and challenges that are shaping the future of our global food economy. The conference (click to view photos from the conference) was a great success, with over 220 attendees and featured an comprehensive agenda on best practices for servicing the food entrepreneurs with speakers who lead diverse incubator and accelerator programs from around the globe, including program leaders from across the US (including Hawaii, California, Oregon, Nebraska,  Minnesota, Louisiana, Illinois, Pennsylvania, New York, and New Jersey) and from Canada, Nigeria, Uganda, Ireland, and Australia. Click here to view agenda and presentations.

The global food industry is evolving and growing rapidly

Over the last decade, there has been a significant increase in the development of food business incubation centers as entrepreneurs have created many new startup businesses due to consumer demand for more local and specialty food options. In addition, there has been signifiant investment from the corporate and venture capital community, with billions of dollars invested over the past few years in food startups. Business incubators, accelerators, and shared-use kitchens provide critically-needed services that contribute to the success of food entrepreneurs and their local/regional economies. This conference will help you to identify best practices in food incubation that can be adopted and customized to your region.

FoodBIN's Mission

FoodBIN is a global network of food incubators, accelerators and shared-use kitchens with the mission to serve as the world’s leading voice for advancing best practices in food business innovation and incubation; and identifying programs, services, funding sources and partnerships that can maximize impacts to food and agribusinesses within regional economies worldwide.

Addressing Needs for Food Business Incubators

Collectively, our clients include startup food companies and entrepreneurs, farmers, agricultural cooperatives, farmer's markets, retail and foodservice establishments, raw material and ingredient suppliers, and domestic and international food processors. We provide our clients with solutions that require expertise management:

  • Information on business planning, market research, capital access, corporate governance, local/state/federal regulatory and permitting requirements, product and process development, food technology selection, food safety and HACCP systems, nutrition labeling, packaging, marketing and sales strategy, distribution channels
  • Training and workforce development on best practices in quality assurance and food safety
  • Assistance in development of value-added differentiatedproducts, in order to compete in an increasingly complex retail and foodservice environment, which is undergoing significant industry consolidation
  • To reduce startup expense associated with new product development, equipment costs, and market entry
  • To safely and legally produce products in an FDA, and potentially a USDA inspected facility

FoodBIN Background & History