Refrigerated Processing Room

Miscellaneous Equipment –used in various areas

  • Urschel Dicer –Model RA-A –to uniformly dice, strip cut or slice a variety of fruits and vegetables
  • Urschel 3600 Slant Comitrol – to reduce fruits and vegetables for pastes, flavorings, granulations, salsas relishes and bits.
  • 15 Large 25 gallon Edible-Food white brute containers
  • 30 Small 10-gallon Edible-Food white brute containers
  • 50 Edible-Food white totes
  • An additional 45 racks with trays(12-18 per rack)(stainless steel non-perforated or perforated) available for prepping, staging and/or transporting product in and out of refrigerated rooms or freezers.
  • All rooms have three compartment sinks for washing, rinsing and sanitizing fruits and vegetables     
  • Miscellaneous large flat spoons, spatulas, ladles, cutting boards, and mixing paddles
  • Edlund 610 can opener for #10 cans
  • Graco double diaphragm pump
  • Stainless steel tables
  • Blast freezer
  • Storage freezer
  • Blast cooler
  • Raw cooler