Food Safety Auditor Fundamentals FDA-approved Certificate Training

This course is for anyone who uses audits as a component of their Supplier Verification, FSVP program, or who would be managing/conducting supply chain compliance audits.

This 14-hour class, given over 2 days, is a 2-part program that conveys the knowledge, skills and tools necessary to recognize, review and execute audits that comply with the supplier verification activities required in the FDA Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA). Participants will learn how to comply with FSMA requirements during their Supply Chain verification and audits. This curriculum, developed by the Association of Food Safety Auditing Professionals (AFSAP), is currently the ONLY the FDA-recognized “standard curriculum” meeting training requirements for Qualified Auditors for Supplier Verification Programs (FSMA Auditor-QI).

Role playing, group exercises and other learning techniques are used to reinforce understanding of the course materials.  The auditing techniques demonstrated are applicable to any type of audit, including announced and unannounced, and for all product types.

Attending the entire 14-hours of the course, answering questions, participating in group activities, and passing the written exam at the end of the course are all required in order to earn the FDA-recognized Auditor-QI certificate. 

Costs: $745 per person, if registered 30 days in advance; $845 otherwise. You make one payment to Rutgers FIC, and the instructor manages your registration and certificate fees. Registration fee includes all printed materials and example forms & supporting materials.

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Please contact Pauline Pepper at or 856-459-1900 ext. 4521 if you have any problems with online registration.