Bakery/Dry Processing Room

  • Doyon Oven SH-743  - 200,000 BTU, natural gas, dual rack rotating oven, 5000F max temperature(12-18 trays per rack), 8 oven racks are available for prepping baked items, (Bread,  rolls, pastries, bakery items, vegetables ) 
  • Doyon Proofer Series 5000- capable of holding two roll-in racks (12-18 trays per rack), max temperature 1200F with a Relative Humidity setting +/- 5% max 90 %.
  • Doyon Proofer Series 5000 –(see above)
  • (2) Blodgett Oven – DFG-200 series, 60,000 BTU’s, natural gas convection oven,(top and bottom) 11 rack -1-5/8” spacing,  (used to roast vegetables, cook meatballs, heat pizza or bake goods)
  • Electrolux Air–O_Steam Combi oven – gas-steam –convection oven -3 modes of cooking, (steam 77 -226F),(Combi 77– 482F), (Convection – 482F)
  • Electrolux Dito Mixer – floor model, 84 qt. capacity, 3 separate bowls, 8 speeds. Attachments consist of an aluminum flat beater, spiral dough hook and a stainless steel wire whip.