FIC North - Production Facility

The Rutgers Food Innovation Center North production facility houses food processing space and utilities for a virtually unlimited array of products and processes. Our primary focus is support of seasoned small to Fortune 500 companies in dedicated, exclusive space for long term contracts. Support for entrepreneurs and startup companies in short term engagements is funded by fee for service contracts in the product development lab or the limited shared space in the Processing Area. We can support product and process development to assist transition from prototype to limited scale production to full scale commercialization. The facility maintains regulatory oversight by local, state and federal agencies, including the FDA and USDA. Products with other certifications including, but not limited, to Kosher, Halal, and Organic, have been produced here.

The FIC - North facility layout includes a limited Shared-Use Processing Area, Exclusive-Use Processing spaces, and a Product Development Labs in support of the capabilities listed above.  

The Processing Area (Currently available shared use space is highlighted in yellow in the diagram above) provides an unlimited resource to create new or test existing food processes and formulations using plant scale equipment:

  • 7,800 sq. ft total area, Epoxy coated, sloped floors with drains, 1,300 sq. ft shared space
  • Washable walls and ceiling
  • 20+ 120v, 208/3p 30amp, 460v/3p 30amp outlets
  • Compressed air, high pressure steam, hot & cold water
  • Detergent and sanitizer mixer / dispenser
  • 37 Ton dedicated HVAC system with carbon filters and economizer
  • 2 Handwashing and 2 Production sinks
  • 3 reach-in refrigerators
  • Processing Equipment:
    • Kettles: 350 gal, 80 gal, 60 gal, 40 gal and 10 gal
    • Various food pumps, stainless piping, valves, fittings
    • Hobart Mixers 5 - 80 quart, Piston filler, steamer, sealers, ribbon blenders, sheeters, spray dryers, can seamer, grinder, 2 homogenizers, Rotary oven

    The Product Development Labs (Currently available shared use space is highlighted in blue in the diagram above) provides an unlimited resource to create new or test existing food processes and formulations using bench scale equipment:

  • 1700 sq. ft total area, with enclosed sloped floor basin with wash down walls, 650ft2 shared space
  • 380 sq. ft Multi-use open space
  • 3 Steam jacketed kettles: 5gal, 2x 30gal
  • Reach-in refrigerator and freezers
  • 3 dishwashers, Handwashing and lab sinks
  • Compressed Air and Bunsen outlets
  • Gas stove top, Bench convection oven, Commercial microwave
  • Packaging material testers, scales, cooking equipment
  • Product analysis and measurement equipment
  • Reach-In Incubator & Environmental Chambers
  • 10+ 120v, 208/3ph 30 amp, 208/3ph 50 amp outlets

The Shared-Use Office / Administrative Support (highlighted in purple the diagram above) provides space for meetings, planning, and collaboration.

  • Conference Center / Classroom, 540 sq. ft
    • Flexible configuration, Seats up to 25
    • HD 4000 lumen projector, 10’ screen
    • Broadband wlan and wired access with firewall
    • Multi-user conference speakerphone
  • Break Room, 320 sq. ft
    • Sink, Full-sized refrigerator, 2 Microwave ovens
  • Open access reception area, 500 sq. ft
    • Guest broadband wlan, Short term use desks, Water cooler / hot water dispenser