Product Development

Newer Product Development

Converting the recipe or idea into a commercial product formula

This program provides the basic steps needed to bring a food idea into commercial production. Each product development plan is customized to meet each client’s needs. The process typically includes: review of concept with FIC team, review of the formula and process, basic analytical and bench top work to create an initial prototype with preliminary specifications, and documentation of the product specifications. At the end of this phase – you basically have turned your product idea or recipe into a product that can be commercialized. Additional phases may include packaging development, label copy development, sensory validation with target consumers, assistance with commercial ingredient sourcing, and manufacturing assessment.

Product Optimization/Expansion

The service is applicable to an existing product which requires optimization of formulation and manufacturing or the development of line extensions. The program can be customized based on the goals of the project. It can include some or all of the following: product, process and ingredient assessment, cost analysis, analytical work, sensory work, bench top work, scale up for pilot production, manufacturing of commercial samples.

Label Development

Ingredient statements and Nutrition Facts panels can be developed for both prototypes and finished products using the Genesis R&D program.

Packaging Development

Guidance with packaging engineering, package performance testing, shelf life and environmental testing, package design and labeling.

Product Preparation & Handling Instructions

Development of language/pictorials for use by consumers or operators for all storage, handling and product preparation requirements and recommendations.